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Make a better first impression with a website you Love. 

Today, your website is often the first place pet owners will “meet” you. Shouldn’t your first impression be a good one?

Web Design for the Small Business Pet Professional

Ever wonder if your website could be working harder for your business?

We specialize in working with small business owners who need a website that works hard for them and their business, creating attractive, easy-to-navigate designs, built with user-friendly tools that make it easy to keep the sites up-to-date. 

Whether you’re looking to update your current site or build a whole new one, together we can build a site you and your clients will love. 

Want to see some examples of sites I’ve built?

Why work with Click & Repeat?

— What We do Differently —

8+ Years Pet Industry Experience

There are a lot of web design companies out there — but when you work with Click and Repeat you get a designer who understands the pet industry (I’ve even worked as a dog trainer) and truly specializes in working with other businesses just like yours. 

Custom Training Videos

Rather than holding a one-time session where you’re responsible for trying to learn everything at once, we create a custom training video library for you. That means you have them to refer back to anytime you need a refresher or need to update your site.


The Level of Support You Want

Need help with your copy? We can do that! Don’t want to be responsible for maintenance after launch? We can do that too. Each site we build is unique and our plan for your project will be completely tailored to what you want and need.

The Process: How It All Works

We’ll start by have you fill out our intake questionnaire (linked below), the we’ll talk about your business and your goals for the site. We’ll use that information to create your custom quote. 

If you decide to move forward, then we’ll invoice you for 50% of the estimate as a deposit. As soon as we receive your deposit, we’ll schedule a kickoff call, where we’ll review sites you like and don’t like again, and detail the process for your site. 

Then we’ll put together 3 homepage design options. You review them and tell us what you like (and what you don’t like) about each; then we’ll use your feedback to create a final home page design.

We’ll build off the look and feel of that page to create all the additional pages on your site, and let you review each one. Every page gets up to two rounds of revisions, included in the initial fee.

After that, we check everything over and prepare your site to launch! After launch, you’ll get access to a custom video library and 30 days of additional support. From there you can choose to maintain the site yourself or enroll in ongoing support with us. 


Website Questionnaire


Initial Consult


Custom Quote


Website Deposit


Kickoff Call


3 Homepage Design Options


Finalize Homepage Design


Secondary Pages Designed


Review Site & Prepare for Launch


Schedule & Launch New Website

Frequently Asked Questions

If I hire you, what can I expect?

Once you reach out, we’ll schedule a call or we’ll email back and forth so we can get some information about your site, to create an accurate estimate that’s specific to your project. If you decide to move forward once receiving the quote, then I’ll create a Letter of Agreement, explaining the terms and conditions of the project, and invoice you for your website deposit.

As soon as I receive your deposit, we’ll schedule a Kick Off call — during that call we’ll review sites you like and those you don’t, so I can get a sense of what you find visually appealing. We’ll also talk through any special needs you have for your site and discuss the process in detail.

Then I’ll create three homepage designs for you to review — we’ll look at them together, and pick out elements you like (and don’t like) about each of them. I’ll use that feedback to then create a final homepage design.

I’ll build off the look and feel of that page to create all the additional pages on your site, and let you review each one. Every page gets up to two rounds of revisions, included in the initial fee.

How much does a website design cost?

Each project is unique — we’ll create a customized quote for you based on your specific needs. That said, I also understand you want to know roughly what to budget. Most of the websites I design are priced between $3500 – $5000. 

This is a baseline price, for a website with roughly 10 pages; the range represents the number of special features or options required for your site.

I require a 50% deposit upfront, with the remainder due upon the launch of the new design. I understand this is a significant investment for most businesses, and upon request am happy to instead break this into three payments.

How long does the process take?

From the time you initially contact us, projects usually take approximately five months. I’m often booked 8 weeks out or more; however, once I begin work on a site, I can usually complete all work on the site within 10-12 weeks.

In my experience, delays usually come from clients needing additional time to gather images, copy, and/or to make final design decisions for their site. If you have a hard deadline, gathering those elements in advance will help ensure we complete your project in a timely manner. If you require additional time, causing delays, it may delay the final project equally.

What's included (and what's not)?

When you hire me to build your website, you get my professional advice, my design work, the actual files for your website (uploaded to the hosting company of your choice). Optionally, you can also have us write the copy that will appear on your site. Each page comes with up to 2 revisions to the design. All sites come with instructional videos on how to make updates yourself.

Then you can choose whether you’d like to pay us for ongoing support, or if you want to manage it yourself. In addition to our services you’ll need to pay for a domain name and a hosting account. If you don’t already own your domain name or pay for hosting, I usually recommend Siteground.*


Siteground* has impressed me time and again with their reliability, the helpfulness of their support staff, and the simplicity of their systems. They do all the things a good hosting company should, with good load speed times and reasonable pricing. 

*Note: The link here is an affiliate link.