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If you’re struggling to decide which marketing tactics to try or fighting to figure out which ones will actually get results, you are not alone. 

I surveyed 110 dog trainers on what they’ve tried and the results they saw… and I’ve compiled those results here, in an easy-to-read PDF.

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110 Professional Trainers

42% of those who participated have 10+ years experience.

Tried and True

Learn what tactics are tried most often among those surveyed.

Tactics that Work

Find out what trainers ranked as most and least successful.


This survey was conducted in the Facebook group “Fenzi Ripple Effect” over the course of approximately a month in the fall of 2017. Responses were collected via Google Surveys and it received responses from a total of 110 professional dog trainers who train primarily with R+ methods.

Analysis was conducted by Melissa Breau at Clickandrepeat.com.