Case Study

Wonderpups Training Emails

Hannah Branigan, founder of Wonderpups Training, runs an online mentorship program called Zero to CD, which takes novice handlers through earning their first CD. When she decided she wanted help with her sales emails for the program, she turned to Click and Repeat for help.


Information gathering

Hannah has a unique tone — part dog nerd, part unique sense of humor — so I began the project by spending some time looking through things Hannah had previously written herself. 

This included an online class she’d run that I had previously purchased, the emails she’d used previously for the Zero to CD program, and her sales page. 

Then I drafted a plan, and Hannah and I talked through what made sense: the right number of emails, when they should go out, etc.

In addition to talking through a plan, we also spent some time discussing the details of the program itself, and determining what features it was important to stress to help sports handlers understand both the benefits and the strengths of the program. 

We stressed it’s ability to “fill in the gaps” for the training obsessed, and some of the extra benefits Hannah had recently added, including her “livestock guardians” (aka her assistant coaches) who run weekly planning sessions and help to ensure everyone else in the flock is on the right course. 


The Results

After drafting then refining the sales emails for the program, Hannah rolled them out for her audience with great success — in fact the program sold out of available spots before the final email in the series was even sent, making it unnecessary!


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