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Looking to learn how to handle your marketing yourself… but need a little help? My online marketing classes will get you off to the right start!

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The business end of the dog: Marketing for Pet professionals

Do you run your own pet-related business? If you’re a dog trainer, groomer, or another pet professional with your own business and you struggle with marketing your business, this class is for you. Whether you’re new and trying to figure out where to start, have been marketing your business for a while and just aren’t seeing results, or have enjoyed a ton of success but need to figure out what’s working and what’s not… Together, we’ll create a marketing strategy that’s right for your business.

We’ll cover how to create a marketing budget, how to successfully experiment with various marketing channels, and, ultimately, how to create a custom strategy what gets real results.

Registration opens November 22, 2017. Class begins December 1st. 

This class is offered through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

More classes coming soon!