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Spend less time on guesswork and do more good work.

Get help from a team of professionals who understands the pet industry and your business.

When you make marketing decisions, do you feel like you’re guessing?

That’s not okay.

Tired of spending hours, days, or maybe even months or years trying to market your business, without any real success?

Or maybe things are just hit-or-miss, and you can’t nail down what’s working and what’s just throwing time and money down the drain.

Whether you’re not seeing results or just aren’t sure where they’re coming from, defining a marketing strategy can help you create predictable and reliable results, so you can spend more time working with pets and less time working on finding business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects fall into "marketing consulting?"

Private Coaching at Click and Repeat is done on a per-call basis. Each client receives a running document with call notes, homework, and any helpful links discussed during the call. For your calls, you’ll be able to choose dates/times from Melissa’s calendar that work for you (to book, click here).

Consulting projects can include anything from talking through your current marketing toolbox and determining a strategy for improving specific metrics to creating an in-depth analysis of existing metrics to find places where marketing could be improved.

A few recent projects include:

— Consulting on email marketing to help determine the best application to use, then set it up, including advising on email copy for initial emails and/or drip sequences.

— Evaluation of existing website copy and design, to suggest places where the site could be strengthened.

— Review of current marketing spend and related costs to determine ROI and evaluate existing techniques.

How much does marketing consulting cost?

I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation for anyone in the pet industry looking for advice.

After that, I charge $100/hour for private coaching. Hourly advice at that rate is “live” via Zoom meeting and payment is required upon booking your call.

Consulting projects will involve an initial call to discuss the project, and then a project estimate will be given. A 50% deposit is required before work begins ,with the remainder of the project fee due upon delivery.

All projects will be handled remotely.

How do one-on-one's through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy work?

Here is Denise’s description of the One-to-one program:

“It is designed to give additional support to FDSA students, so intentionally not widely discussed. About half of the instructors do them. Availability varies constantly, depending on what else they are doing and what classes they are teaching.

The cost is $130 an hour. They run up to about a month.

They are a relatively low priority for the instructors, so don’t expect multiple responses per day. Indeed, sometimes I do not check my one to ones for several days, and the students understand this. Of course, we would extend the period of time if that became a real issue for a given instructor at a given time. So far there has not been an issue for anyone.

The instructor runs down the clock, and in that period of time, most students can submit several videos and get several responses. Anytime the instructor spends reading, watching the video for responding is counted.

You cannot ask to cover a topic that is currently running because the expectation is that you would sign up for gold or silver if you need help under those circumstances (we have yet to run out of silver, and since the classroom structures is the focus of FDSA, that will not change.). However, if class ended and you still needed help, then that would be an appropriate use of the one-to-one format.

Different instructors have different expectations of what they want from their students (prerequisite classes and skills), and what topics they can handle. Since I know those expectations, I take that into account when you explain to me what you are looking for.

As you know, instructors are busy people, and they are world-class in their areas of expertise. That is why many instructors do not offer them or do not offer them continuously or only want to work with people who are focused on their mutual passion. It has to work for everyone.

We cannot do time periods of less than an hour (we have overhead to set them up), but you can cover a variety of topics and even dogs within your hour. We do not store them in your library but you can save your thread. They are not private. Your classmates will see your thread, and you will see theirs.”

For my one-to-one students: I ask that you limit yourself to topics that I might I am highly familiar with, and where you have lecture materials, if that is relevant. So if you’ve taken this class, we might work on your website. If you’ve taken the marketing class, we might look at those topics. If you’ve taken both, we could talk about integrating the two (though you’d have to wait until after the marketing class is over since it’s on the Oct calendar).

I keep One to Ones available on a rolling admission basis. The number I offer depends on my other work, and on how many are currently enrolled – so if you’re interested, reach out.