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Building Websites For Trainers Like You

Website designs that deliver with improved client conversion rates and a modern, professional first impression.

Plus, every site we create is built to be easy to update — whether you let us do it for you, or you want to update things yourself.

Designing Custom Logos As Unique As you are

A recognizable logo helps establish trust and convey who you are, representing your business to the world around you. 

We design custom logos to help you look your best, even when it’s your business and not you personally in the room.

Marketing Consulting to Help You Grow

Dog trainers often feel like marketing is a dirty word — but it doesn’t have to be! It’s all just behavior… all the same psychology applies!

We’re just looking at human behavior instead of the canine kind. I can help you drill down, determine what works (and what doesn’t) and build a more predictable business.

Click and Repeat was founded and is run by me, Melissa Breau.

I’ve been in the pet industry since 2008, including covering the industry as a journalist, teaching pet dog training classes at a local dog training school, and competing in dog sports with my own dogs. That means I understand what the terminology you use actually means and can help you translate those ideas into words the average dog owner understands.

(No more trying to explain the difference between reactivity and aggression to a designer or why “Pack Leader” probably won’t make it into your copy).

I’ve also spent over 8 years specifically working on helping dog trainers make more money (aka marketing), which means I also understand how to look at the numbers behind your business in context — and really make the most of the budget you have.

Free website or marking consultation

Grab Your Free Website or Marketing Consult Now!

Choose a day and time that work best for you and get custom feedback from an industry expert.