April 24, 2024
Why Dog Trainers Should Use Instagram for Their Business

Blog post on using Instagram for dog trainers

Are you on the fence about using Instagram to grow your dog training business? If you are, you might like to know that there are about 2 billion monthly active users just waiting for you to jump in and show them what you’ve got. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

And if you’re looking to reach people aged between 18 and 34, Instagram is a great place to be. 

With 62.7% of Instagram users researching and following their favorite brands, that’s a lot of “know, like and trust” (KLT) up for grabs — and without building KLT, you have no clients or customers.

(Wondering what I mean? Well, people need to know you, like you and trust you before they’ll consider parting with their hard-earned cash.)

Instagram for business sounds great, doesn’t it? 

However, in the name of balanced information, you need to know there are a few downsides to using Instagram for business growth…

Do you have time?

It can be time consuming, as posting consistently is key. Like any social media platform, you can’t just dump some posts every now and again and call it done. You need to be present, post regularly and have a strategy for how you use the platform. All that thinking, planning, and doing can be labor intensive.

Who do you want to attract?

Instagram is fabulous for attracting new people to your audience because it actively adds new content to a viewer’s feed if the algorithm thinks it’ll be a good fit.

But it’s not so great if you only want to grow your local audience. There are a few ways to tweak that, but it’s still not as effective as using local SEO on your website and doing marketing the old-fashioned way.

What type of account do you need?

If you decide Instagram is for you, your next decision is: should you get a business account or keep it personal?

Again, there are pros and cons to both options. Let’s take a quick look…

Business account pros:

  • Your bio – You can create a professional bio that acts like a business card for you. You can also include contact links such as your phone number and email address to make it easy for people to get in touch.
  • Instagram insights – With a business account you get access to analytics tools. This makes tracking the success of your efforts both easy and efficient — and if you’re putting in all that effort you want to know it’s working, right?
  • Can link to outside apps – If you’re serious about social media marketing, you probably want to use a scheduling tool to simplify posting your content. You can only do that if you have a business account.
  • Ability to promote content and run ads – Now, you may never want to spend a dime on your social media marketing, but if in the future you decide it’s worth a go, you need a business account to run ads.
  • In-app shopping – If you sell products as well as services, you can sell directly from the platform by setting up an Instagram shop. Research by Instagram suggests that up to 70% of shoppers use the platform to research their next purchase. Not a stat to be sniffed at if you’re a business.

The cons:

  • You’re now a brand vs an individual – A business account can be seen as less personal. This can put some viewers off if they think a business is just out to sell them stuff. To overcome this, you’ll need to make sure you balance your promotional posts with plenty of entertaining and useful, non-sales content.
  • Instagram is a mobile-centric app – If you don’t like being tied to your phone for your business, Instagram may not be for you. Although you can view Instagram from a desktop, the functionality is very restricted compared to the mobile app — meaning if you want to use it for business, you should be prepared to spend plenty of time on your phone.

Using Instagram for your dog training business

Hopefully this has convinced you to explore Instagram as a marketing tool — the rewards are well worth the effort! If you’ve decided that you’d like create a business account, stay tuned. We’ll be sharing a full how-to guide soon to get you started.


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