September 13, 2023
Using Canva’s Brand Hub to Streamline your Content Creation

Back in 2021, we outlined Canva and discussed how to create designs for everything from social media to business cards and printable handouts (see that post here). Canva is still our favorite web-based design program and their pro accounts contain tons of useful features, so we wanted to give you a breakdown of all the shiny new ways to use Canva if you’ve subscribed to a pro account — in particular, the new Canva Brand Hub.

What is Canva’s Brand Hub?

Canva’s new hub allows you to upload your brand fronts, colors, and logos for easy access when creating templates. Within the Brand Hub, you can also create brand templates to save and reuse later.

Where can you find it?

To access and edit your Brand Hub, head to your Canva home page, and you’ll see a brand hub option in the menu on the left side. Canva uses the crown to differentiate between what’s accessible to a free account vs a paid account. You’ll see the crown next to certain templates, images, and other features within Canva that can only be used within a Pro account.

What’s inside the Brand Hub?

Canva’s Brand Hub can be used to load your custom colors, fonts, and logo images so you to easily access and add them to pre-made templates. You can also create templates to save as brand templates within your hub. Lastly, brand controls are useful if you have multiple people designing and want to make sure they adhere to your brand colors and fonts. 

Hub Controls

Inside your hub, you can add multiple logo and color options specific to your brand. You can also upload any photos, graphics, fonts, or icons you’ll use often. 

Brand Templates

Presentations, handouts, and any frequently used social media templates can be saved underneath your brand templates.

Brand Controls

This is especially helpful if you have multiple people working within your Canva account. If you’d like to make it easier for an employee to know when they’re within your brand guidelines (not using external colors or fonts) you can turn on color and font control within Canva. You can also turn on the design approval feature to ensure any new designs that need approval before sharing are properly noted. 

An example: 

Here’s a Canva Instagram template we’ll update to match Click and Repeat branding. As a quick way to input your text and colors, you can click on the Styles tab (this is located within the design tab from the left side menu). From there, you can automatically swap out the template fonts for your own and see different color variations using your brand colors.

Here are the Click and Repeat fonts and colors in that same template: 

Don’t see a color combo you like? Need to add more text? You can do both of those, as well as add logos and pictures by clicking on the hub tab in the left sidebar menu. Here’s a quick mockup that took less than five minutes using the brand hub feature! 

Now that you’ve got your hub set, you’re ready to start designing!

If you’d like a bit of extra help, contact us to set up a free call to discuss our social media services at Click and Repeat.


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