May 1, 2024
The dog trainer’s guide to creating an Instagram business account

Blog post on setting up an Instagram business account for dog trainers

So, you’ve decided you want to be seen as a bona fide dog training business on Instagram. Congrats! We’re excited to help shepherd you on this journey.

(Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why you should get on this popular social media platform.)

Without further ado, let’s get you started…

Setting up your business account

First, go to your profile:

Next, click on the hamburger icon at the top right-hand corner:

Scroll down until you find “For Professionals” and click on “Account type and tools”:

Here you can choose to switch your account or create a new professional account.

Hit continue to move through the four info screens telling you about the new features you’ll get with your professional account.

You’ll be taken to the “What best describes you?” screen:

Choose the best fit for your business…

You’ll be asked if you want to display your category on your profile:

Toggle the switch then hit “Done.” 

Depending on the category choice you made, the next screen may ask if you’re a creator. The business account has more useful bells and whistles; the creator account is designed for people who are primarily influencers rather than businesses. You can read more about the different accounts here.

Tweak your profile for max impact

Once you’ve set up your professional account, you’ll want to tweak your profile to make it stand out and work for you.

You can finish setting up your profile, or edit it later:

Profile overview

Profile picture

Your profile picture should be 320 x 320 pixels so it displays properly across all devices. Instagram will crop it into a circle — so don’t have any vital information in a corner.


Let’s look at your bio. You have 150 characters to make an impact! Your bio needs to tell people what you do and encourage viewers to stick around and follow you. It also needs to direct people from your Instagram to your website by having a specific, compelling Call to Action and a link.

That’s a tall order for such a small space. To stand out, try using humor and a sprinkle of unconventionality. Don’t be afraid to get creative and use emojis if that’s part of your brand.

Contact info

It’s simple to add contact information and action buttons from the “edit” page:

Include your physical location if you need “feet through the door” clients. By including your address in your profile settings, you won’t use up your precious 150 bio characters.

If you want to allow people to be able to book a discovery call, you need to link your booking software to Instagram. 

Then choose your booking platform if it’s listed (it’s a long list, be sure to scroll):

Links in your bio

You only get ONE link in your bio but that doesn’t have to limit you. You can use it to link to your website or a specific page (like a sign-up page, new services page, or YouTube video). Or you can create a link-tree which lists a selection of links you’d like to make available. A link-tree is hosted externally to Instagram and is often a paid service — although some offer a free starter tier. If you’ll be using scheduling software, most of those come with a link option. We use Metricool, so our socials link is created through their platform. 

You can also include tags to other accounts in your bio. Type “@” followed by the account name. These tags are clickable, but Instagram doesn’t include these as links and you can add as many as you’d like.

You can find more ideas for crafting your Instagram profile here.

(Once you’ve set up your profile, spend some time exploring all the different settings and options available. I’d cover them but there’s far too much to include in one post!)

Getting started with Instagram content

Excellent, you’ve now set up your professional Instagram account. But what are you going to post? 

While you want to ensure that your content is eye-catching and interesting, there are also some tricks you can use to boost your engagement. We’ll cover all of that in a future post — stay tuned!


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