November 30, 2021
How to Write: Your Dog Trainer About Me Page

woman in a field smiling down at dog; blog post on how to write an about me page for dog trainers

Writing your dog trainer business about me page might seem like an easy task.

You just… write about yourself, right?

Unfortunately it’s not that simple — your about me page can make or break whether a potential client wants to work with you.

No pressure, huh?

Fortunately, it’s way easier to write one if you know why this page is important and what the crucial elements are. And if you’re looking for those, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dive in to the why.

Why Dog Trainers Need an About Me Page

Maybe you don’t see the point of having an about me page on your website. After all, people are paying for your services, not for you, right?

Not quite!

The pet industry is an extremely personal business. As a direct service provider, you have a lot of 1:1 time with your clients’ closest friends. They need to know who they’re entrusting with the care of their furry loved ones.

You wouldn’t hand off your dog to any old stranger, no matter how much of an expert they are.

By including an about me page on your website, you’re humanizing your business. You’re giving potential clients reasons why they should trust you, and why you’re the right person to trust.

Now that you understand the why, let’s talk about the what.

What Makes a Successful About Me Page?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to an about me page, there are some elements that you want to make sure to include. Here’s what you need:

Include Your Mission Statement

One of the first questions you should answer in your about me page is: why do you care about this work? What drives you?

This is the first piece potential clients will connect with and what will intrigue them to learn more about you.

That’s to say, be authentic — it’s a great way to create emotional connections. And emotional connections lead to lifelong customers.

And anyway, people can quickly sniff out a fake.

Share Your Credentials (with Proof)

Testimonials are a crucial piece of your website. They’re proof that you can do what you say you can do.

So don’t just say why you’re qualified — prove it. Include short key quotes in your bio and separate out longer testimonials into their own section. (Not sure how to go about collecting testimonials? Find our non-awkward approach right here! And more on writing testimonials in a future post.)

Don’t have testimonials yet? No problem; if you have a personal story that speaks to why you can empathize with them that speaks to how you got into dog training, share that! Sometimes, you’re your own best testimonial.

Explain Who You Serve

Two other key components that a lot of businesses forget to include on their websites? Location and demographic served.

Seems kind of important, right?

While you might have your location on your contact page and demographics in your individual services, it’s great to reemphasize these points on your about me page. It’ll help potential clients quickly get a sense of whether they’re the right fit for your services, and vice versa.

Most Importantly: Remember You’re Not Really Writing About You

Lastly, even though it’s an about you page, it’s not actually about you. It’s about how you can help them — i.e., your future clients. While it’s all well and good to give your full list of credentials, the question remains:

Why should they care?

As you’re writing, be sure to frame these facts about you and your business in a way that really explains why it matters to the person reading it. Think benefits, not features.

For example, you might think about writing: “I have 10+ years of puppy obedience training experience.”

Instead, consider this: “I’ve helped dozens of new puppy owners over 10+ years live their dream lives with their furry best friends. After working together, my clients are going for long walks without fear of reactivity, watching their kids grow up bonding with loving pets, and even going on hassle-free vacations with their fur babies!”

Which of those sounds more appealing?

And that’s it — you’re ready to compile your best about me page ever. Go forth and write!


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