January 5, 2024
Give your social a boost – new social media post ideas for you to steal PART TWO

In part one of our ‘social media post ideas you can steal’ series, we finished by looking at a couple of posts from Miranda – the outdoors advocate with a poop obsession (in the nicest possible way of course!).

In part two, we rejoin Miranda and then take a look at two very different styles of content creator…

Join a Trend

In this post Miranda does a fab job of using a current trend to engage her audience with an authentic post: share texts with your name in them. She took screenshots of a bunch of her messages that were on brand and included her name, made a short video montage of them. Her caption pulls it all together “75% of these are from my coworkers 80% include the mention of poop. #friyay”.

This is a fun social media post idea to engage with your audience and show them a little bit of who you really are at the same time.

Joining trends can be a lot of fun and a good way to share content that’s a bit different from your normal format, while also getting new eyeballs on your content, since often folks can jump from post to post that share the same trending hashtags or music.

The quick and dirty + a cta

In our last example from Miranda she’s basically getting people to watch a longer video she’s got on YouTube – her main platform. There’s a short video and caption, some hashtags, and a call to action – and that’s it. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated. She invites her viewers to comment with their experiences on the subject matter (pooping-in-the-woods – again!) which drives engagement. She also includes some tags for brands she mentions in the video to promote sharing by those brands.

If you produce longer form content like blog posts or YouTube videos, you can easily adapt this to create your own social media post ideas!

Creator 2 – The Holderness Family

Our second content creator example today is the Holderness Family. If you’re not familiar with their brand, they produce funny videos, vlogs, skits, and a podcast. They also sell various items of branded merchandise.

The classic link in bio…  done better

This first example is a great sales post! They’re promoting a T-shirt with the slogan “ADHD sure keeps life interesting.”  The video is clever and very, very relatable if you’re in the target audience for the shirt.

The key takeaway with this social media post idea is that it calls out the sort of person who might want one of these and the humor makes it far more appealing than just “buy this thing!’ messaging. It’s a classic example of a ‘the link’s in the bio’ post, done exceptionally well.

As a dog trainer, I’m sure you could come up with a short amusing post to promote something you sell that speaks to your target audience . It doesn’t have to be a video like this; a video of photos with funny captions could do the trick.

Things that demonstrate naughty puppy antics, teenage tearaways or sporting embarrassing moments might be good places to start.

The key is in how you frame the product or service so people can instantly relate and see the benefit of checking out that link to sign up.

Which is better, A or B?

Remember the great toilet paper debate (are you an “over” or an “under”)? Or perhaps the debate what whether that dress was really black and blue or white and gold from 2015? A good way to generate social media post ideas that drive engagement is to ask people to choose which is better, option A or option B… especially when the answer doesn’t really matter. The Holderness Family does this fabulously in their ‘beach vs lake?’ post.

If you decide to give this a go, be careful not to choose anything too controversial. You want fun comments, not a keyboard war.

Topics might include:

Which is better…

  • Smooth coated or hairy dogs?
  • Beach walks or forest trails?
  • Kongs or Toppls?

When you present your ‘A’ vs ‘B’, make sure to include the benefits of each in your post, then ask people to settle the debate on which one is better, and why.

Trend: Mocktails

This one is a variation on the ‘find the longer review piece at the link in the bio’ type post. The trend they’re following is reviewing mocktails; the goal of the post is to get people to their main channels.

If you create longer pieces of content, why not see if you can tie that into a current social media trend? Ask yourself what’s popular in your space… and then dish on it!

You know you’re x when… (with a cta or question)

Here the Holderness family gets a bit cheeky with stereotypes – in a very fun way. They’re actually promoting a branded shirt and hat, but the video starts with “you know you’re an adult when…” which is a hard line to resist if you’re past puberty.

To give this post type a go, you need to dig a bit deeper than the obvious ‘you know you’re a dog owner when…’ line.  If your audience are dog sports enthusiasts, some social media post ideas you could try might be:

  • You know you’re an obedience obsessive when…
  • You know you’re an agility junky when…
  • You know you’re a nosework nerd when…

If your clients are pet people, how about focusing on common breed group stereotypes?

  • You know you’re a terrier owner when…

I’m sure you get the gist! Remember to include a call to action, either sending them to a link or asking for comments.

Creator 3 – Marie Forleo

Our third creator example for today’s post is Marie Forleo!  Marie is a successful business coach and entrepreneur – and she knows a thing or two about content marketing.

Tag a friend

This is a deceptively simple but effective post.  In it, Marie gives a shout out to all creative people, asks them to share what they’re working on right now… and tag a friend to show support for their friend’s endeavors.

Tagging a friend to ‘show support’ does more than that – it increases the number of new sets of eyes on Marie’s post and gets people talking about her content in a different way. It’s a subtle way to increase her audience and gain new followers.

A way for dog trainers to use this post type might be to ask people what they’re working on with their dog – and getting them to tag a training buddy.

The added benefit to this is the ability to use the comments to help jump start future content. If you know what your audience is working on, it can inspire all sorts of additional social media post ideas around those topics or themes.

Take 15 minutes and…

Another gem from Marie, this time asking her audience to take 15 minutes to do something great for themselves. She cleverly links her call to action (“What will you do for the next 15 minutes to take care of you? Comment below so I can cheer you on!”) to herself by explaining why she made the video and post – she was treating herself to a quick Pilates workout after a hard day.

The point to understand about this post is that if somebody is scrolling on social media, they have free time — so you can ask them to go do a thing ‘right now’ because they’re not currently busy.

For a dog trainer’s take on this, you could ask… What could you get done in the next 15 minutes working on:

  • Cooperative care?
  • Fronts and finishes?
  • Contact behavior?
  • Loose leash walking?

Include a short video snippet of you working on ‘the thing,’ and why you’re doing it. Don’t forget the call to action to get people to comment. Again, you can use the comments you get as inspiration for future content!

Create something sharable

Marie is the master of ‘simple but effective.’ In this post she’s created a graphic that could relate to just about anything that takes effort. “Overnight…Over time success” is a very ‘sharable’ phrase and it got a lot of comments.

The beauty of something like this is that it can be applicable to so many things – not just business, not just sporting goals, not just health goals – so its relatability and share-ability is off the scale.

If you want to share someone’s graphics, you can with no problems.  Add your own perspective in a caption, tag the creator and give credit, and you’re good to go. Bonus points if you can come up with something like this yourself.

We’ve come to the end of our steal-able social media ideas… if you liked this series leave us a comment below and we’ll look into doing more of these!

For now, I hope they’ve given you some inspiration for perking up your posts and increasing your social media marketing results. Go have fun, play with the concepts, and see where these ideas take you!


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