August 16, 2021
Dog Trainer Micro Tips for Addictive Copywriting #1: Open Your Loops
Have you ever felt personally attacked by the Netflix pop-up asking you whether you're still watching a show? If so, you've fallen into an open loop.

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Now that you’ve learned how to write effective emails — and gotten a head start with a couple of templates — you might be thinking about taking a stab at writing your own.

And while I’ve elaborated on some of the elements to include, I want to really hone in on the best tool in your marketing arsenal:

Your writing skills.

What are the secrets behind addictive copywriting?

We’ll be tapping into some of the psychology behind effective marketing in this series of writing tips for dog trainers. These are things to keep in mind while writing that really grabs folks’ attention. They’ll make people crave your next piece of content (whether that’s a blog post, a download incentive, or an email).

Here’s my #1 tip for addictive copywriting:

Open Your Loops

Have you ever felt personally attacked by the Netflix pop-up asking you whether you’re still watching a show? If so, you’ve fallen into an open loop.

Psychologically, not having closure on something creates anxiety. It’s why we constantly feel the need to tie up loose ends. Or why we can’t stop thinking about things that end with no resolution.

Netflix knows this. It’s how they get us to binge shows — by making it psychologically impossible for us to step away.

So how can you use this to create addictive copywriting?

If you want people to take action, you have to appeal to their emotions. One way to to this? Place cliffhangers throughout your copy.

Make it impossible for them to step away. Open loop after loop.

“These three simple hacks will make your daily walks go from nightmare scenarios to the most fun you’ve ever had with your pup.”

“Previous clients have called this training method ‘life-changing’!”

“Here’s my secret formula that’ll help your dog get along with everyone. Yes, even your Aunt Mary.

Build tension throughout your writing…

…Then offer only one way to close the loops:

Solve the tension with a CTA

Closing a loop before you get to the thing you want someone to do is the easiest way to ensure they won’t do it. The incentive is gone.

That means the answer to your cliffhanger — the thing that keeps them bingeing your content — should be your Call to Action, or CTA.

And that CTA should lead them to the “product” you’re selling. That might be a class you want them to register for, your newsletter you want them to sign up for, or a social media page you want them to follow you on.

The formula is:

Tension + CTA = Psychological relief

Keep that in mind every time you write and you’re sure to get folks to read all the way to the end.


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