October 25, 2021
3 Must-Have Marketing Emails for Dog Trainers
Use these to get buy-in from existing and potential clients.

woman typing on keyboard with dog on lap; blog post on marketing emails for dog trainers

By now you know you can — and should — be using an email marketing platform to connect with customers via marketing emails. Yes, one of those is your regularly scheduled newsletter. But you should also take advantage of the automated emails you can create with whatever marketing platform your sign up for.

So, what are those must-haves for dog trainers?

Let’s take a look at 3 essential marketing emails you can be using right now.

Welcome Emails

The #1 marketing emails everyone should have set up are custom welcome messages. These go out to folks who subscribe to your email list.

You’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with customers if you stick with whatever the default email is from your email marketing platform. Folks will often subscribe to a newsletter on a whim — or to receive a specific freebie.

Use this moment to give potential clients additional valuable information about your business. This can ultimately increase engagement and build buy-in (and increase your chances of making a sale!).

Here are some things you can include in your welcome emails:

  • Your social media handles
  • Additional resources (such as blog posts)
  • A way to contact you with questions

Automating Your Welcome Emails

You might even consider taking advantage of email automations to create a series of welcome emails. For example:

  • First email: Delivers your download incentive and lets subscribers know they’ll be receiving additional goodies over the next couple of days/weeks.
  • Second email: Shares a list of blog posts on the same topic as the freebie they’ve received.
  • Third email: Checks in on how they’re doing and encourages them to reply with questions.
  • Fourth email: Lets them know about a relevant service or product that you offer.

We’ll be diving further into these kinds of marketing emails in future blog posts. Stay posted to set one up for your subscriber list!

Class Confirmations and Follow-Ups

Yep — class confirmation and follow-up emails count as marketing emails! These are great opportunities to both share information about your business and encourage client engagement.

You’ve probably gathered some information about a particular problem they have. Use these emails as a way to share additional resources with them. For example, if they signed up for puppy obedience classes, they might be interested in your blog posts about introducing puppies to other pets or babies.

You’ll also want to send a follow up after your sessions. This is a great opportunity to gather feedback — and sell them on additional services. You can even automate an additional check in email that goes out a specific amount of time after your post-class follow up.

Customer Delight Emails

Customer delights are my favorite kind of marketing emails. They’re fun for clients, usually offering some kind of goodie as thanks for their loyalty.

This might mean a discount, early access to a new service or product, or a special freebie. And they’re generally triggered by a special occasion or milestone. Think about some times when you might want to celebrate them. Here are some ideas:

  • The client’s birthday
  • Their pet’s birthday or adoptaversary
  • The anniversary of when they subscribed to your newsletter
  • Your business’s anniversary

Keep in mind that for some of these — like birthdays or adoptaversaries — you’ll need to collect information directly from the customer. This might mean asking for it on your newsletter sign up form, or when you’re onboarding a client. You’ll also want to consider some evergreen goodies you can gift them, like 10% off the next service they book.

Customer delight emails don’t have to be triggered by a special occasion, though. You should plan to delight customers regularly! Sending out occasional blasts to your entire email list with some kind of fun treat will help keep all your customers engaged, not just the ones who buy from you the most.

Automating Your Marketing Emails

Once you’ve decided what marketing emails you want to automate, the next step is drafting the email templates, figuring out the timing or action that triggers them to send, and setting them up on your email marketing platform.

We’ll be walking you through these steps over the next couple of weeks to help you set up your welcome email series. In the meantime, read these posts to catch up!


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