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How Click and Repeat Helps Pet Professionals

Whether your business is brand new and you need help getting set up, or you’re ready to improve on what you have now, Click and Repeat is here to help!

We work with pet professionals of all stripes — from the new business owner just getting started to some of the leading minds in dog training today — helping them create a professional online face for their business and sell their services more effectively.

And we want you to have marketing you feel good about and feel confident using — which impacts everything we do, from the free content on the blog to our video tutorials for each website project we work on!

Website design

Have a website that’s outdated or that you can’t update on your own? You could just continue down the path you’ve been on… sighing with regret each time you see your own site. Or you can make a change.

custom logo designs

Tired of logo builders and “tools” that never get your logo quite right? Your logo will go everywhere with your business in the years to come. You want it to look good… as you should! Let’s create something unique for your business.

Marketing Consulting

Spending a LOT of time on marketing with… lack luster results? If you feel like you’ve been throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks, it might be time to try doing things a little differently. I can help.

Hey there!

I’m Melissa Breau (and the pup in the picture is Levi), and, with help from my team, I run Click and Repeat, a marketing company for pet professionals. We work with dog trainers, groomers, pet stores, dog walkers, pet sitters, even breeders to help them get their names out there and attract more of their dream clients. 

Make You Look Good

Find You More Customers

Minimize Your Spending on Marketing

That’s because I believe two things. First, impressions matter (and many of your first impressions as a business today happen online). Second, you should spend exactly the amount of time on marketing that your business needs you to spend… and no more.

Sound like what you need?

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation for anyone who’s interested. Just click here to send us a message and my team will reach out to help us find a time to chat. I look forward to “meeting” you!

Learn which marketing tactics work best for dog trainers like you.

Last year we surveyed over 100 dog trainers on the marketing tactics they’d tried… and how effective those tactics actually were. Then, we compiled those results in an easy-to-read report. And now, that report is available to help you save time and money marketing your business.

Melissa made a huge impact on my business. I didn’t have a very professional logo and my website was outdated and very amateur looking.

Melissa quickly created the most incredible logo for me — one that REALLY represents who I am and what I do…  then Melissa very expediently designed a new and slick website for me.  I absolutely love it.  

She taught me how to maintain it (although she can also provide that service) and has always been there for questions. What I love is that the website really reflects my personality and my business goals. Melissa offered several layouts to me in the beginning of the process and we worked together to really make it perfect.  

I used to struggle with how to get helpful information out to my customers and clients (both new and potential)…  My website is now my main vehicle and I love it.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else on something so important to my business. Melissa brings both technical AND business savvy. You don’t just get a slick site…  you get expertise from a marketing professional who understands MY industry. 

You just can’t get that anywhere else. In fact, I have new ideas for offerings and I’m looking forward to a website expansion!  Thanks Melissa!!!

Stacy Barnett

Owner, Scentsabilities Nosework

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